Phantom Wallet is a digital currency wallet allowing users to send, receive, store, swap, and stake Solana-compatible tokens. Phantom was one of the foremost Solana (SOL)-based crypto wallets. It is accessible on both desktop and smartphone; for desktop, it supports multiple browsers such as Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Brave; on mobile, it provides apps for iOS and Android. The wallet is also popular for its security features. It allows users to transact and connect to NFT platforms and various DeFi apps and games available on the Solana blockchain. Users can turn their web browsers into a Web3-enable virtual wallet with Phantom Wallet. Using phantom would open you up to using the ecosystem for swaps, defi, liquid staking tokens and such. As has been mentioned, you become your own bank which has a lot of responsibilities. You’ll get random nfts to claim this or that, it’s all scams. Never interact with things you don’t know. Phantom has added a tab for trusted sites to go directly to them which is helpful and safer. It really depends on what you’d like to do. Staking rewards are higher and you can engage more but if you are new to self custody, you could get a phantom wallet and send a small portion over first to get used to it before moving all over.

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