Sex dolls are artificial, artificial companions that are designed and produced in many aspects to provide a more realistic and realistic experience. Here are some typical features of sex dolls:

Simulation appearance: The appearance design of sex dolls is designed to simulate the characteristics of real people, including body contours, facial features, skin color, etc., making them closer to real humans.

Material selection: Common sex doll materials include silicone and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). These materials are soft, elastic and lifelike to the touch, allowing users to obtain a more realistic intimate experience.

Movable joints: In order to increase the sense of realism, some sex dolls are designed with movable joints, allowing them to simulate human postures and movements to a certain extent.

Intelligent interaction: Some sex dolls integrate artificial intelligence technology and can make simple voice responses to improve the interactive experience with users.

Personalized customization: Some manufacturers provide personalized customization services, including hair style, eye color, height and other aspects, to meet the individual needs of users.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Good sex doll design takes cleaning and maintenance into consideration to ensure that users can more easily maintain the hygiene and quality of the sex doll during use.

Finally, if you want a sex doll, then choose spliced ones such as a single torso love doll and some sex doll heads. The neck of the sex doll can be spliced together and the price is cheaper.

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