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April 6, 2024: Forge Your Purpose with Inspiratus Breathwork in Los Angeles

Join us for a transformational half day workshop hosted by the Inspiratus Breathwork founder Shane Cole along with a team of certified facilitators. We will be hosting a first-of-its kind, sound-immersive breathwork experience at Academy LA event space, a world famous music venue. Sound-immersive breathwork experiences have not be conducted at this scale, so you will be the first to experience this epic breathwork! Experience expert guidance into non ordinary states of consciousness using the power of your breath. With a research backed approach to breathwork, the support of high fidelity sound and an epic community, this will be a healing experience like no other. Join us at Academy LA to awaken to your purpose in community!

What you will receive/experience:
A gift bag from our sponsor Dr. Bronner’s with soap, chocolate, and chapstick
Learn a daily breathwork experience to upgrade your daily routine
Live lecture on the Inspiratus Breathwork philosophy
Journaling and sharing in small groups to start mapping your purpose
A 60 minute Inspiratus Breathwork journey
Integration, journaling, and sharing after the journey
Community time after to meet fellow breathers and facilitators

Forge purpose
Build resilience
Reclaim attention
Access non-ordinary states of consciousness
Release stress and trauma
Let go of out dated habits
Explore deeper parts of your psyche
Activate your body’s innate healing intelligence
Improve self love and confidence
Experience the healing power of bass music in a new way

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